“I enjoy dancing, traveling, exploring new opportunities, good conversations and spending time with family and friends, and part of my life purpose is to bring love and laughter into people’s lives.” Said Anne-Marie McCormack, while introducing her new project to the Kickstarter community. “With this campaign, I am offering a set of 52 oracle cards that are designed to spark your intuition, and I need your support in this cause.” She added.

 According to the psychic, these 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are a different kind of oracle cards and they will answer the questions of the asking individual in an inspiring and uplifting way in order to have a positive influence in their everyday life. Moreover, she also says that this project is all about spiritual awareness, and these cards are designed as a spiritual uplifting tool.

Now Seeking Community Support, The Project is Created by a Renowned British American Psychic & Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Anne-Marie McCormack!


 Anne-Marie McCormack is a Florida based Professional Psychic and Spiritual Empowerment Coach and the founder of 6th Sense Connection. The inspiring professional psychic has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and reached her goal. 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are a set of 52 intuitive oracle cards that are designed to  spark your intuition, help you with your spiritual path and you can also do really good readings with them. Anne-Marie is welcoming advance orders for delivery in July 2019. Please pledge your support by ordering now! 

Order your now at https://sixthsenseshop.com/6th-sense-connection-oracle-cards  Everyone that orders now will receive a free extended workbook and automatically qualify for membership in our 6th Sense Connection Oracle School.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/6thsenseoracleschool

6th Sense Connection Psychic Readings

 6th Sense Connection Psychic Readings and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching for all your spiritual coaching and psychic readings.  We have the best psychics and mediums who can do psychic readings for you with or without Tarot or Oracle cards. If you have questions, we have answers.  When you want the best psychic reading you should make an appointment to see one of us. 6th Sense Connection psychics can do psychic readings with Tarot cards or Oracle Cards. 6th Sense Connection Psychic Mediums, Spirit Contact, Astrological  Birth Charts and Astrology Forecasts. All our psychic readings come with spiritual empowerment coaching. If you have questions, we have answers.

We have established psychics with over thirty years experience as professional psychics with a worldwide clientele. We are available for psychic readings by skype, phone or facebook video messenger when you need an appointment quickly.  Psychic Medium Trish in Cassadaga or psychic intuitive Sherre in Palm Coast can usually see you on short notice. Psychic medium AnneMarie is only in Kissimmee for a few weeks in Spring and Autumn for readings in person. She is available on Skype and Facebook video messenger for private consultations the rest of the year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed so call the psychics who are dedicated to giving you the best psychic readings with spiritual empowerment coaching.

Crystal Ball

If You Have Questions We Have Answers

 Psychic Readings 

6th Sense Connection Psychic Readings are great because all of our psychics are tried and tested with years of experience and available with a confirmed appointment. Your future isn’t cast in stone. You have free will and the freedom of choice in all areas of your life. Think of your psychic reading as an advance weather forecast. If you know it’s going to rain, you’d take your umbrella -right?  Your6th Sense Connection Psychic will show you some of the options available to you. Our psychic mediums and spiritual life coaches are top class and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are, ‘Sista psychics’, who met in Cassadaga Florida where we used to have our own 6th Sense Connection physical location. Our   6th Sense Connection psychics are now available online or in person in Florida and the UK. We have helped thousands of people worldwide with psychic readings and Intuitive Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching. If you have questions, we have answers!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our psychics. You will need an appointment no walk-ins are available except in the case of Trish Smith who works out of her home in Cassadaga Florida. She doesn’t use any tools at all. She just connects with spirit during your reading. You will still need to call ahead to ensure she is available. Sherre can often fit people in at short notice for phone readings.  

Making An Appointment

We can read for you in person, by Skype or phone in Cassadaga, Kissimmee, Palm Coast Florida, and Hyde England UK. If you’re not located near any of us. We can read for you just as well by Video Conferencing, Skype, or phone. Select the psychic and type of reading you want. Make the payment via PayPal and send us an email with times and days that work for you.  

 We can confirm an appointment for you within a few days to a week. It’s rare we can do it the same day. Please allow us 24 hours to get back to you to set up your appointment. Try us once and you’ll be glad you did!   

If you are not sure what to do or where to go for your psychic reading. It is always best to choose the psychic you feel drawn too. This is a good way to get a good reading.  Please see our photos below. When you click on them, it will take you to more in-depth information regarding the psychic and the services offered.


psychic medium Anne-Marie

Honest, Warm and Real    


kimila 1 Caring and Compassionate  


Astrologer Cherie Inspiring and Enlightening  


Psychic Medium Trish Connecting with Spirit  
Annemarie: You are so wonderful! Words cannot express my gratitude for the enlightenment you gave me during my reading. I feel so enriched from your words of advice. Absolutely life changing!! I know we’ll be meeting again in the future! Thank you for your light, love, and service! You’re awesome!   Valerie

I am not a person who is easily delighted but I have to say the reading I had with Kimilia blew me away. So many great ideas and relevant details of my life. I felt like you had known me for years. I play the Cd that you made me and everything on it is just fantastic. Thanks for giving me accurate readings with great advice. Nikki

I wanted to compliment Sherre Wellins. She was absolutely amazing and I already have five people lined up wanting to see her. I had a wonderful time. Please send along my many thanks to Sherre.   Meredith

I just want to thank Trish for all the great readings and help she’s given me. It’s a blessing to be able to go to see her.  She’s always kind and compassionate. I drive two hours each way to see her and I’d do it every week if she’s let me. Her readings have helped me a lot.  Trish is the real deal and it’s my pleasure to recommend her. Joan