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We have the best psychics and mediums who can do psychic readings for you with or without Tarot or 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards. If you have questions, we have answers.  When you want the best psychic reading, you should make an appointment to see one of us. All our psychic readings come with spiritual empowerment coaching. If you have questions, we have answers.

We have established psychics with over thirty years of experience as professional psychics with a worldwide clientele. We are available for psychic readings by Facebook video messenger, zoom, in person or by phone. Psychic Medium Trish in Cassadaga or Intuitive Psychic and Astrologer Sherre in Palm Coast, Psychic Medium Anne-Marie is available via Facebook video chat and zoom she comes to Kissimmee for a few weeks in Spring and Autumn for readings in person. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so call the psychics who will give you the best psychic readings with spiritual empowerment coaching.

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Spirit said to remind you....stay out of other ppls drama...be compassionate and comforting....but if they don't ask you to help....don't....and don't do it for them... or history will keep repeating ... See more

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Due to unforeseen curcumstances lol....I won't be able to go live today....be back on Monday!

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Spirit said to remind you....Your lost loved ones in heaven are
safe and well, so there is no need to worry...as then they worry about you too...Smile and being happy is the best gift you can give ... See more

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Annemarie's Oracles Oct 14 2020

Annemarie's Oracles Oct 14 2020

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6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are created by a Renowned British American Psychic and Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Anne-Marie McCormack! They are available from us, Amazon and at a bookstore near you.

Order yours now at https://sixthsenseshop.com/6th-sense-connection-oracle-cards  Everyone that orders now will receive a free extended workbook and automatically qualify for membership in our 6th Sense Connection Oracle School.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/6thsenseoracleschool   

6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are not just another oracle card deck! They offer a more comprehensive experience, also providing affirmations and recommended crystals to help you along your path to a happier, more fulfilling life. The cards, designed to help you see down the tunnel or looking glass of your own excellent but often unrecognized intuition, will soon become a part of your daily routine.

Similar to a tarot deck, this very positive deck, created by internationally renowned psychic medium Anne-Marie McCormack, will answer your core questions and deliver uplifting, positive suggestions to help you make course corrections to your advantage. 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards require no special training or experience to use, so you can quickly tap its substantial benefits. These cards will help you to access the guidance and core truths you have always possessed. Why not own 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards, a ‘best friend’ and companion on your daily and life quest?