Forgiveness- it’s not letting someone else off the hook- it’s giving yourself the permission to move forward. It is said – “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope for a better past”.

Whenever unhappy past memories comes back up into your mind or current events trigger them. It is to remind yourself to let go of them. True forgiveness is the only way to break free of that which binds you, and keeps you in the past regarding that situation.
When someone or something, comes up again into your world after, you believe you forgave them and released the situation. There are still more layers to your perceived hurt than you originally thought. Just like the layers of an onion.

When this happens, it is to show you, where you are and where you are not, regarding this situation.

Appreciate the situation for what it is, an opportunity to let go of old wounds and move forward into enlightenment.


So, when these things surface from time to time- this is what I do.

I put my right hand on heart five deep breaths and say from my core until I vibrate

” I release the need to be right regarding the situation of XXXXXXXX

or I release the need for the feeling of perceived hurt from this person, place or thing as they came to teach me regarding XXXXXXXX and I lovingly  release them and thank them- as everything is exactly the way it was meant to be- for if it were meant to be another way- it would be another way.

Author & Copyright Anne-Marie McCormack

6th Sense Connection

Psychic Medium & Life Coach



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