Today was a day of rest for me. I napped most of the day and have to admit, I did not feel guilty.  Quite frankly, I needed the rest both physically and mentally.  It made me wonder why I wrestle against taking care of myself and my needs more faithfully.

When we don’t take care of ourselves properly, it is an indicator (a red flag) that we are not feeling ‘worthy.’  Pay attention to your self care. Check in with yourself to see if you are eating right, resting fully and feeding your mind with uplifting and affirming stories and information.

It is easy for us to take care of others needs first.  To notice what our loved ones require to feel strong and supported. But not so easy for us to focus on ourselves and our needs. We may even feel selfish for thinking about it.

This year let’s make ourselves more of a priority too.  Check in with yourself every single day to see if you’re hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  If any of these emotions are hovering around you then realize you are noticing a ‘red flag’ and a storm could be brewing. 

Worthiness and self care go hand in hand.  Reach out to others by making a phone call or posting something on Facebook or some other social media.  Anything you can do to improve your feelings and grow in confidence is a blessing, a blessing that must be pursued.

Love and blessings! Kimilia


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