Astrology is the marriage of astronomy and psychology.   As above so below.    Astrologers believe that we belong to universal energy.  Can you imagine not feeling warmth from the sun?  Can you imagine the moon not controlling the tides?  We emotionally respond to our warm feelings from the sun and tidal energy from the moon.  All the other planets send energy as well.  When we are born, the umbilical cord is cut and we take our first breath with our own life energy-force.  When the cord is cut it is also relates to the point that we become an individual entity.  The sign that rises in the sky at the time of the cutting is called the Ascendant or Rising sign.  It gives us the personality we show to others.

Astrology shows personal characteristics like are we happy or introverted, are we athletic or artistic.  Astrology shows our strengths, weaknesses, soul path or purpose in this life, our past life, our parents and siblings, our careers and type of home we choose.  It reads the areas we are most stubborn and where we are flexible, health factors and relationship choices.   This may seem predestined but in fact the planets give us our likes and dislikes because they give us energy.  We have natural instincts that motivate us as well as life experience and cultural traditions which can train us to work against our personal talents or inspire us towards our positive creative gifts .

Astrology gives us the solutions to bringing our lives back to what would make us happy despite the paths we may choose.  Often we cannot see our unique talents and direction that would make us happy until we see through the illusions of our cultural up -bringing.  Once we awaken to our unique selves, we must dare take the risk to follow our hearts desire.

Whether you follow the advice of others against your own inner voice or whether you refuse the advice of others against your inner voice is a key to how we form our relationships.  It starts with the principal of pain or pleasure in our interaction with our parents and our family environment.  Once the patterns are set you start to form habit responses to keep you safe, to justify your unhappiness or figure out ways to redefine happiness or love.   Eventually we pray to have our hearts reconnect to others and to ourselves.

Your Astro chart is a fingerprint of you.  If twins are only a few minutes apart, basically they will have many similarities, but their souls will still have their own instincts and talents that are unique.

Sherre Wellins Author and Copyright




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