fairytale with big moon in the sky

fairytale with big moon in the sky

We don’t need to be sprinkled with pixie dust or born under a lucky star. We just need to learn to make the most of what we have today. So we can be happy today. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is either the world is for you or against you…If you decide the world is for you….you will always find pleasure, happiness and joy. It might not be your natural nature to be happy…But, you can learn how to nurture happiness.  

Pleasure is something we experience momentarily. Someone could tell us a joke, give us some flowers or we could watch a great movie etc… This could be all we need to create a chain reaction that changes our state of mind and we’re on our way to being happy.  Keep reminding yourself of that pleasurable experience when you feel yourself slipping.   

Smiling changes your brain chemistry…. Smile at everyone… Wave and smile at your neighbors say hello… this doesn’t mean they have to become your best friends….but it will help to bring back our sense of community…pretty soon you might get to know your neighbors. We all have a few moments each day to be friendly and you will make a positive difference in someone else day as well as your own.   

Happiness is a choice. It’s not connected to how successful you are at work. Most of us believe that if we work hard, we will be successful and that leads to happiness. Once you reach your goals…the fancy car, the big house etc.. that we told ourselves would make us happy…It really doesn’t…We experience pleasure at reaching our goal….and then instead of feeling like we arrived, we feel like…Is this it…What a letdown.   

Why does it feel like this when we worked so hard to achieve this. Because we always need something else to strive for.  When we flip this around…. And change the way we pursue happiness… and decide that being happy is the goal. We work on being happy regardless of our circumstances … Appreciating our life as it is today……love it… be happy with it… .being happier encourages us to be more successful in all areas of our life.  

To help you with this – take the 21 day challenge…Find 3 different things each morning to be grateful about and list them each morning for 21 days and watch your happiness level soar.

Sending love and angel blessings to you and yours.  

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  1. When reading this, I couldn’t help but smile. Knowing you, you were smiling the whole time you wrote it. True words – smile and laugh

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