I hear talking, never ending chatter, condemnation. The Voice enters my dreams and wakes me from my sleep.

Most of us have an audio tape running in our head.  A Voice that, more often than not, speaks in condescending tones, reminding us that somehow we have made a mistake or  don’t deserve to succeed.

This is the Voice of Shame.  It tells us that the reason someone left us was because we weren’t good enough.  It whispers in our ears that we are a slow learner and asks us why we can’t figure it out. It forces us to strive for perfection and unrealistic expectations of ourselves.

In most spiritual communities, we strive to be loving, heart centered people. But no one talks about the crazy, mixed up way our heart sometimes communicates with us. If there has been trauma, abuse or general dysfunction in our early life we are prone to look at life from a different angle. One that does not always serve us effectively.

This month has been about ‘Worthiness’ and how to develop more feelings of confidence.  We can create more noticeable results when we remind ourselves that the Voice in our head, while very loud, is not always truthful.  We can turn the volume button down on the negative self chatter and realize that it is like an old computer program.  We can tell ourselves that this program in now outdated and start to install more uplifting, affirming messages.

Most of all, we can continue to be more kind to ourselves. Remember, it’s progress, not actually perfection that will improve our lives in a measurable way.

Love and blessings! Kimilia


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