Astrology can help you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses.  It shows your soul path for this lifetime and your past life.  At your time of birth, the relationship of the planets, signs and houses shows how you best use your energy for success in career, relationship, the type of home where you would feel happiest and how to bring your health to its highest level.   Do you wonder whether you should push forwards for change or should you be patient and prepare for future events?  Do you wonder how you can better communicate to your children, parents, co-workers or spouse?  By comparing your chart to another, Astrology can show how you should best communicate to the people in your life by showing communication differences and similarities.  For instance, you may like straight forward truth but maybe your child needs love with communication, maybe your spouse needs facts with your truth, maybe your co –worker is impatient and you need to speak quickly to a point instead of an elaborate story.  When you understand personality characteristics and a person’s soul path, you can find out if this person is either a life partner or a soul mate that you reconnect with but with whom you don’t form a permanent relationship.

Sometimes it helps to identify where you procrastinate and choose fear versus choosing action.  Astrology can give you your personal way of how to deal with your life.  If you are in a period of being stuck, maybe it is a time to research your options and be patient.  Sometimes we force ourselves to change situations when it is a time to be patient and plan.  If your life is going to change whether you like change or not, at least you are prepared. Contact me for your astrological reading.

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