Which divine helper is helping you this week and what gifts do they bring.  Choose the card that jumps out to you A, B or C. Divine Helpers 1 back

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If you choose Card A – Your current helper on your journey is the Fire Prince and when he shows up as one of your guides. He represents that invisible forces are working behind the scenes for you. You are being helped by heavenly helpers in all manner of ways. It’s a great time to put your plans into action. You should feel in the moment and in harmony with what life offers. It’s the perfect time to pursue your dreams. You radiate confidence about the future and are able to take those vital steps forward to realize your dreams. All manner of help is available to you now. It’s a time of miracles and abundance in every way. It’s good to be you. Remember to share your enthusiasm and good fortune with others and call upon the fire prince should you require more insight. You are blessed as if by magic…remember to make the most of this auspicious time.

Card B –  ‘The Rainbow Prince’, When he shows up as your divine helper, you can expect a beautiful rainbow and a change in your fortune for the better once the current storm in your life has passed.  Make the decision to hurry this along by dancing in the rain. Life gave you lemons – add a little sugar and water  to them and make lemonade…  Decide that life is good and each day you will be increasing your blessings and soon the storm will pass.. At the end of each day night comes. Daytime filled with sunlight and happiness is sure to appear soon as long as you keep your focus on what’s good about your life. Thank God/the universal light source for your blessings and know that the rainbow prince is here to help and guide you through. There are great things in store for you…and the end of the storm is within reach and soon you’ll see your rainbow….and your very own pot of gold and better times lie a head. Keep an optimistic view point about each and every day and fill your heart with love, light and joy.

Card C The High Lord of Gratitude and Service. When he shows up as your divine helper, he reminds you that when you give service freely to others without focusing on the financial rewards that may follow…great things are in store for you. Keep gratitude and love firmly planted in your heart as you selflessly help others. Be thankful for each and everyday and the opportunities they bring.  You’ve learned some hard lessons from the school of hard knocks….When you keep gratitude and love in your heart and don’t allow the harsh lessons from your past to define your present or influence your future….magical times will naturally follow.  Focus on today…and how strong you have become….Remember… .love is the strongest power of all….and when your heart and actions are filled with love…You bless others and yourself… Your divine life path forward will soon be revealed. Be grateful for each day that comes and the blessings it brings…The lord loves a grateful giver…Your rewards are bountiful and will be soon on their way as long as you work together with Lord of Gratitude and Service.

By Annemarie McCormack 


This reading was inspired by spirit and with the use of Collette Baron-Reid and her beautiful oracle cards – Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. Join our site to comment on this blog post.