Some lightworkers have victimised themselves by trying to hold up too much light for others. It is spiritual law…we can create for ourselves and not for others. We can ask the divine to send love, light and healing energies. We can pray for troubled and lost souls to find divine guidance so they may see their way out of any situation, emotional, health or financial. It is up to them to get their own a-ha moment in their own time. We cannot bring them into a place we feel they need to be…They will do it when the time is right for them.

Angel changesOur contract with the divine is to maintain our own light. We radiate the light that shines through us directly from our connection to source, by being in harmony with the divine. We achieve this by…letting go and letting God/source/universal light source..take control…Then and only then, do we come from a place of balance/oneness. We learn to surrender all fear based energy. We are in a state of love, gratitude and humility regardless. While in this balanced state of awareness… We can manifest what our heart truly needs which isn’t always the same as what our heart thinks it desires.

A great path forward is waiting for all of us. We all stumble along the way at times….It’s part of our journey. I doubt anyone who lives in the real world can maintain this wonderful divine connection 24/7…We are a divine work in progress who came to earth to experience the full range of emotions, thoughts and experiences. Part of our mission is to learn how not to be consumed by them. I have come to the conclusion that as spiritual beings having a human experience….when we do our best…that’s all that is required. Beating yourself up for your mistakes…comes from a fear based negative energy that you direct towards yourself. Judge not lest ye be judged comes to mind….and that includes self judgement. Please share your thoughts and feelings with us. Love and blessings Anne-Marie xoxoxoxo