A Message from spirit yesterday. A large bumble bee found its way into my kitchen. I knew I had to help him find his way into my flower garden. Gingerly, I placed a glass over him and slid some cardboard underneath so I could carry him out and set him free. I reassured him that I was carrying mystical meaning beeshim to where he needed to be.

When a bee comes into your life, spirit is reminding you that bees mystified science for a while as the size of bees compared to their wings – surely it’s impossible for them to fly. Finally, they figured out that the flap their wings very fast and that’s how they fly. When you see a bee in an unusual place spirit is reminding you that like the bee you will succeed against all odds, stay the course. If you’ve been having issues with love, this will be resolved soon. Adopted the attitude of I belive I can fly…and you will.