It’s valentine’s day. Some of us will be over the moon and other may seem disappointed. In order to make this the best day ever…decide to fall in love with yourself. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else too!

When a man looks in the mirror… even with his pot belly and balding head he sees an Adonis. When a woman looks in the mirror…she sees everything that’s she feels is wrong with her appearance.


New rule- when you look in the mirror…I want you to say out loud…over and over again until you mean it…I am beautiful… I am gorgeous…I am sexy.  Keep that attitude with you all through the day.  

It brings the magic back into your life and everyone will notice that you are now charismatic, calm and collected. Oh….just a little valentine’s humor…What’s the did the chocolate syrup say to the ice cream?

I’m sweet on you …..

Do you have a date for Valentine’s day?

Yes…February 14th.

And don’t forget if Valentine’s day doesn’t live up to your expectations…There’s always cheap chocolates to be found on February 15th.


To all my single friends if no one else loves you…I do..Happy Valentines day xoxoxox


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