Kimilia is a natural psychic/intuitive who learned and developed her skills under her mother’s guidance. She was raised in a home where religion and metaphysics were intertwined.  She is initiated in several spiritual paths and uses her passion, acquired knowledge and expertise to guide you in your choices and on your life path.

Kimilia has been mentoring clients for many years, specializing in identifying what’s holding you back and helping you remove those blockages. She works in California, Arizona and Florida. Her clients love her deep and meaningful insights that lift their confusion. She helps them seize opportunities and make the most of what life brings. Some would call her a shaman, as she can help her clients understand the energy that could be keeping them stuck.  She helps her clients recognize and release the negative energy that might be holding them back from their full potential.

Kimilia uses her gift of intuition and her training as a Spiritual Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, certified healer and Reiki Master Teacher to guide her clients in understanding the role negativity plays in their lives and how to find the solutions to bring them more peace, joy, love and prosperity. Kimilia is one of the original founding members of the 6th Sense Connection Store in Cassadaga and has been featured on internet radio and in popular press. Whatever your issues are – be it family, relationships, business or career – let Kimilia show you how to keep moving forward down the road to success.  Like her on facebook.

Services Offered:
Intuitive Life Coaching, Consultations,  Classes, by Phone or Skype.
To make an appointment select the consultation you want. Make the payment, I’ll be notified and able to schedule your appointment. All you need is a debit or a credit card to pay via paypal.
Email:  760-459-7892


The Voice

I hear talking, never ending chatter, condemnation. The Voice enters my dreams and wakes me from my sleep. Most of us have an audio tape running in our head.  A Voice that, more often than not, speaks in condescending tones, reminding us that somehow we have made a...

Secret Lover

The soft whisper of a lovers voice, the gentle touch that shows they care, the coffee (or tea) that is made just right.  We long in the depths of our beings for the soul mate (the perfect lover) who ‘gets us’ without us having to change or be something we’re not. Love...

Kimilia is a blessing to my life. She helps me see the truths that I already know as well as guide me along my intended path.

I am not a person who is easily delighted but I have to say your reading blew me away. So many great ideas and relevant details of my life. I felt like you had known me for years. I play the Cd that you made me and everything on it is just fantastic. Thanks for giving me accurate readings with great advice.

I enjoy getting readings from Kimilia – She’s very accurate and helps me understand how to make the best of things.


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