Psychic Medium Annemarie is in Kissimmee, Florida October 2018

Psychic Medium Annemarie will be able to read for you via Skype or Facebook video messenger. She’s current overseas touring and is available for video appointment most morning EST. If you have seen psychic medium Annemarie before and have been waiting for her to come back to Kissimmee, Florida she will be back in October.  If you see her in person or via video conference you will be delighted with your reading. The best way to get in contact is email for your appointment. Please allow up to two weeks for your appointment to see the Psychic medium, Annemarie. She’s available Tuesdays through Saturdays mornings only. Cost is $75 for 30 minutes and $150 an hour.  Email: or message her on Facebook  


 Psychic Medium Annemarie 

Past, Present, and Future Readings by Tarot, Oracle Cards or Spirit Contact   

During psychic readings with psychic medium Annemarie via Skype or Facebook, it is like you’ve invited me to your home. Once I arrive, I sit outside on the front porch (in your energy field). The Annemarie information I receive is similar to what I would see if I were looking into your windows. I will be able to see what you allow me to see. If I get too close for comfort in any direction, all you have to do is ask me to move on from that subject. All I require from you is an open mind. As the reading progresses, all kinds of information come to my mind’s eye. Your spirit guides or lost loved ones may talk to me. They’ll tell me about things they feel it’s important for you to know. Spirits like everyone else have opinions and like to voice them. An encouraging word from a lost loved one can be quiet helpful and uplifting. We are never alone our guides and angels walk with us.

The Future Is Not Cast In Stone 

When we start looking at future trends, it’s important to remember that the future isn’t cast in stone. If you don’t like the sound of something, change it. You have complete control over your life at all times. Your future becomes what you make it. I will tell you what spirit tells me to tell you. The reading is channeled through me and not from me.

Past Life Readings

Psychic medium Annemarie can help you learn about your past lives. Some of us bring our unresolved issues from our past lives into this one. A past life reading with psychic medium Annemarie can help you understand what issues you brought into this life with you and how to resolve them. This psychic past life reading takes a minimum of an hour and the preferred time frame is ninety minutes for this type of reading. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it!

Life Purpose Reading

There is no one life purpose for each of us. Yet, there are times during our lives when we should focus on finding some of the important missions and divine appointments, If you’re not sure about your life purpose,  psychic medium Annemarie can focus on that for you during your consultation.

Relationship Readings

If you have relationship issues be ready for some plain down to earth advise. When spirit speaks to me, they don’t sugar coat anything. They know I like to talk about things with you in a practical yet spiritual way. Is this relationship worth spending more time on? Is it time to let go or try and strengthen these bonds. During your consultation with Psychic Medium Annemarie, she will look deeply into your situation or blocks to help you find the best way forward.

She may flip some Tarot, Oracle or Angel Cards, talk to spirits, or look at photographs of your loved ones or even gaze into a crystal. She is comfortable reading with or without spiritual tools. The quickest way to get an appointment is to see Annemarie is via Skype or facebook messenger. Some in person appointments are available in Spring and Autumn in Kissimmee Florida. Check out some of her live Facebook live streams where she pays it forward by giving free messages and mini readings.  messages 

Free Psychic Awareness Workshops 

We offer video workshops to help you develop your psychic awareness. It is a private group of genuine people who are sincere about the psychic arts. We have uplighting daily messages in addition to free psychic live broadcasts.    

I tend to be in Florida twice a year for in-person consultations in spring and fall.  Skype or Facebook Video messenger is usually the easiest and fastest way to see me. My Floridian clients and friends are getting used to skype readings now and feel it is just as good as they still get to see me and interact with me. Your satisfaction with your consultation is guaranteed. Contact me directly by email or  USA 407 433 9581 Check out my facebook page

To make an appointment for a video reading you must be available to connect with me online at least one morning a week if you live in the USA. If you live in the UK mornings or afternoons. Please note, there are no evenings appointments available.

Love, light and angel blessings Anne-Marie   

Booking Your Appointment

Consultations in $’s

Once you have paid for your consultation Anne-Marie will be notified to contact you. If you are asking a question she will email or send you the answer via Facebook messenger. If you are booking a reading or a Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching session Anne-Marie will contact you via email or phone to set up your appointment via video call on Skype or Facebook. Appointments are available most mornings or early afternoon. Please let me know what time zone you are in or where you live so I can ensure we are both on the same page with your consultation time.  Your satisfaction with the quality of your reading is guaranteed.

Thank you to Annemarie she blew me away with her reading! I have never had a reading that good before. My friends were right, she’s the best psychic ever.


Annemarie: You are so wonderful! Words cannot express my gratitude for the enlightenment you gave me during my reading. I feel so enriched from your words of advice. Absolutely life changing!! I know we’ll be meeting again in the future! Thank you for your light, love, and service! You’re awesome!


Annemarie~ Thank you again for my reading. I have been with you at Cassadaga, Kissimmee and now on Skype and each time, whether in person, or on the computer, my readings have been enriched and enlightening, with your advice constantly opening my mind to the closed doors. You have been on point since my first reading and I am thankful for you. Blessings to you until we Skype again….


Stephanie Wrote:  Amazingly talented and beautiful person inside and out. So blessed to have stumbled upon her over a decade ago. Whenever life’s troubles become too much for me alone she’s the one I turn to. What a pleasure and a treasure. Thank you Annemarie

Amber Wrote: I first met Anne Marie 8 – 9 years ago in Cassadaga and I had a phenomenal first reading with her. I love her honest and free-spirited way of communicating information/messages to me. She has an amazing gift and it has been a blessing to see her again this Sept. I recommend her to everyone and I really look forward to seeing her again in the future.

Alice Marie Wrote: This lady is truly amazing and gave me some strong words of hope and courage she knows everything and said everything I deep down needed to here. Thank you for helping me heal and for hope that in time we will be OK lots of love and light to you Anne-Marie

Diane Wrote: A few years ago my daughter brought me to Annemarie for a reading. Everything Annemarie said came to be. I was so impressed. She is wonderful thank you Annemarie.

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