6th Sense Connection Mediums

Trish Smith in person or by phone Annemarie by video conference 

Spirit Contact With Mediums 

Please understand that no two mediums are the same. Each medium has their own style of connecting with spirit. Some connect with their spirit guides, who then connect to your spirit guides and they connect with your lost loved ones. While other mediums connect direct. There is no right or wrong way to connect. Some receive names while others are told about illness that the spirits had when they crossed over. The medium may feel the pain in their bodies that your lost loved ones had. Other mediums hear voices or see the spirits in their minds eye. Just like watching a TV. Sometimes the TV has a clear picture and sound. At other times it may be one or the other. Occasionally, a spirit will manifest just like a regular human. There are no rules as to how this happens. It just does, and has done so since beginning of time.  

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 Before Your Reading

 It’s always a good idea to get out some old photographs of your dearly departed loved ones. Talk to their photographs and tell them when, where and with whom you’re going to get a reading with. Add you’d love to hear from them during this reading, if that’s at all possible. When a medium is connecting with spirit. It’s like ringing a phone line to the spirit world. We have no idea who is going to pick up the receiver. You may want to connect with grandma Lillian and Cousin Bert comes through. It all depends on who on the other side hears that spiritual phone ringing and can make that connection.

 During Your Reading 

 The best thing you can do is relax during your reading. This will help the medium connect with the spirits and stay in the zone easier.  There is no need to be afraid.  A good medium would never want to frighten you by telling you anything fearful. The more fear is projected during a reading, the more energy is expanded by the medium to establish and maintain their connection to spirit. During the reading the medium is providing a voice to spirit. You might want to know about one thing and spirit wants to tell you about something else entirely. You never know what comes up in a reading. Please bear in mind, spirits don’t predict the future. Like everyone else, they have an opinion and can offer insight. Our lost loved ones still have the same personality. Some want to give an opinion about your future, while others think you’re the best judge of what’s good for you. While the medium is talking to spirit for you. They should be able to tell you things that only you should know. This is what we refer to as, “Survival evidence”.  So that you will have comfort in the fact that your loved ones are  safe in heaven. They may include information about your family or your current situation. This proves they are watching over you and only want the best for you. You can be in the same room as the medium, on the phone, video conference or via email.  All work well. What’s important are the messages that are passed over from spirit.