Tarot Card Readings  

When you’re considering getting a tarot reading, you’ll probably get the best tarot reading from the psychic reader you feel drawn too. Qualifications don’t matter. It’s the psychics connection to you and the tarot that’s important. Some readers just go off the meanings of the tarot cards that they learn in books or courses. Others develop a symbiotic deep relationship with the tarot. All psychic tarot readers are different, much like all vocalists are different. Some think they can sing wonderfully and the audience isn’t impressed at all. They may know all the words, but they’re tone deaf. Others, once they’ve found their own style sing like a nightingale.

Intuitive Tarot Readers 

A few years ago, I asked our psychic sister Philomena, (who has now gone home to spirit), about her relationship with the tarot. I said, “Phil do you know what your cards mean?” She replied,  “I haven’t got a clue. I read a few books years ago. Now, I just stare at the images on the cards and they form a connection with my third eye and spirit guides. Then, I just know instinctively what I need to say”.  Since then, no one else has expressed how to intuitively read the tarot cards better than Phil did. It’s that special connection to the tarot that gives a great reading. 

A Good Psychic Tarot Reader

They can link into your energy by phone or video conferencing just as well as if they saw you in person. When you’re in the comfort of your own home you may feel more relaxed during your reading. The psychic tarot reader will shuffle the cards for you. Many of our regulars clients who used to come and see us in person now love the ability to connect with us via skype or phone too. They tell us their tarot readings are just as accurate as when they see us in person.

Tarot Readings

We often use tarot card readings to help you see clearly your current situation and what options you haven’t considered that maybe available to you. A tarot reading can look at your life in general or focus on more specific area of your life like romance, marriage, children, career, life purpose and much more. Perhaps you’re wondering what you can expect to achieve. Your future is not cast in stone. We all have free will and control over our own lives. A good tarot reading can show you alternatives that you might not have considered. All our psychics combine their readings with Soul Empowerment  coaching which is also very beneficial to anyone seeking spiritual guidance.