,f you have been thinking about getting a psychic reading, it best to get a reading from a psychic you feel drawn too. Here’s some details about various types of psychic readings for you to consider before making an appointment to see one. I’ve been asked these questions many times over the years and here’s my opinion based on my experiences.                                                          

                                                         Q) What is the difference between psychics and mediums? 

6thsense tarot imageA) A psychic senses things about you intuitively. A medium either hears, sees and sometimes senses or get impressions about you from your spirit guides or lost loved ones. Sometimes people are both psychics and mediums! 

Q) Will a medium be able to connect me with my lost loved ones? 
A) No one can guarantee a connection with someone in particular. Sometimes that spirit you seek is just not available for the medium to make a connection with and its no ones fault. Some mediums are better at connecting with spirit than others. Just like some singers or artists are better than others. You have to have been born with great talent to sing like Pavarotti! Check out my article about spirit mediums

Q) Is a certified medium or psychic better than a natural medium or psychic?
A)  It depends on the medium or psychics’ natural born talents. Sometimes, going to classes and getting qualifications can draw out someone’s natural abilities and they become a top class psychic or medium. While others, even though highly trained and certified just can’t be a great reader. I know some untrained natural born psychics and mediums know instinctively how to work directly with their intuition and have a strong connection to spirit. There are great and not so great psychics and mediums that are trained and untrained.Think of it like, all people who want to be singers, think they can sing. Some can and with the right training and guidance can sing wonderfully. Others, no matter how much they try can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Then, there are those than can sing like a nightingale and have always been able too!   

Q) How Should I choose a psychic or medium?
A) Personal recommendation is always the best. Alternatively, have a reading from who you are drawn too. That way you’ll get the best connection.

Q) How do I Know if a psychic or medium is any good? 
A)  In the first ten minutes of a reading you will know if the psychic is connecting with you. They should know things about you with asking asking a lot of questions. They may ask for confirmation of what they are picking up so they know they have a strong connection. If you don’t feel that they said anything you can relate to within a few minutes, cancel the session and if you paid upfront ask for a refund as they are not connecting with you. 

Q) Some psychics and mediums look at photographs or read tarot cards and other don’t use any tools at all, which is better?
A) Pavarotti can sing acapella wonderfully, or can be accompanied by a piano or an orchestra. My point is, it depends on what the psychic or medium prefers to use to enhance their connection!

Q)  Are some psychics and mediums better than others? 
A Yes, think of chili- how many different types of chilli have you tasted? They are all different- but it’s still chili. When you find a psychic or medium that you connect with and connects with you beautifully, stick with that psychic or medium. If you’re unsure about who to get a reading from. All our 6th sense connection psychics and mediums are tried and tested with years of experience.

Q) I had a reading from this psychic a while ago and she told me all kinds of things about the future and that  worried me. How do I know if any of it is true?

A)  If they didn’t tell you about things that you already knew was true, then they didn’t make a strong connection with your energy. This is why you need to cancel a session when you feel that a psychic isn’t connecting with you properly. Maybe their energy just didn’t blend well with yours. It’s also possible that the psychic isn’t very good. Think back to the session do you think that they might have been making wild guesses to see if you could relate to something. If so, they may have given you random predictions that they were pulling out of a hat. Alternatively, lets give them the benefit of the doubt, they could have been connected to some else and thought it was you! 

Q) Psychic told me I was cursed and asked me for a large amount of money  to remove the curse. Should I pay them? 
A) NO, No and No!  Find another psychic, shaman or energy healer! Everyones energy needs a good cleaning from time to time. You should pay a reasonable fee for energy cleansing. Also see my article on psychic protection, it’s very simple for you to do this yourself. 

Q) Can a Psychic give me winning lottery numbers or stock tips? 
A ) No- Spirit doesn’t care about you becoming rich. They care about your spiritual welfare.  If they would give us numbers,  I would play and win every week and with the proceeds I would have now solved world hunger and homelessness.