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Sherre is one of the best psychic intuitive readers in the USA. She uses her intuition  Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology to deliver messages concerning all the areas of life. SheCherie Psychic Reader believes that all things in our universe are intimately and deeply connected. With over 30 years of experience, Sherre Wellins combines accurate Astrological data along with psychic and intuitive abilities to generate a psychological, economic, soul path or predictive profile for you. She specializes in revealing people’s soul paths and karmic lessons as the motivator for making the best choices.

Call her on 321-217-1629 – tell her you found her on 6th Sense Connection, please! 

At a very early age, Sherre knew the symbols of the planets and signs as she drew them in her paintings without knowing what the symbols represented. Sherre uses her expertise in Astrology and intuitive gifts along with Tarot to help guide you on your life’s journey. Sherre identifies your gifts and abilities to inspire your natural inner courage for change. Her psychic understanding of your life  include the integration of body, mind and soul.

Sherre’s gifts allow an accurate psychic reading combined with astrological information to become a life-changing experience for you. Sherre Wellins has been an Astrologer since 1983 and has read for people throughout the world. Sherre is an Ordained Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love and has college degrees in Philosophy, Religion and Counselling. She has written for online e-magazines concerning celebrity news and historical events. She is certified in Hypnosis, Rehab Therapy, Reiki I and II and Yoga. She is also a lecturer, writer for magazines and teacher of Astrology.

To make an appointment select the reading you want. Make the payment, I’ll be notified and able to schedule your appointment. For faster service call me when you’ve paid via paypal. You don’t a Paypal account all you need is a debit or a credit card. 321-217-1629 

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Move Forward with Grace and Ease

  Astrology is the marriage of astronomy and psychology.   As above so below.    Astrologers believe that we belong to universal energy.  Can you imagine not feeling warmth from the sun?  Can you imagine the moon not controlling the tides?  We emotionally respond...

Why would you want an Astrological Reading

Astrology can help you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses.  It shows your soul path for this lifetime and your past life.  At your time of birth, the relationship of the planets, signs and houses shows how you best use your energy for success in career,...

Money and Astrology

Money in your Chart Astrology looks at making money, self- esteem and your values as the same energy.  It is ruled by the 2nd house.  The sign on the 2nd house shows how your values determine your money flow.  How you spend money, make money and value money is often...

I wanted to compliment Sherre Wellins. She was absolutely amazing and I already have five people lined up wanting to see her. I had a wonderful time. Please send along my many thanks to Sherre.


I am not a person who is easily delighted but I have to say your reading blew me away. So much detailed information and you put into words that made sense. Thanks for my reading Sherre, I will be back and bring my friends with me next time.


Nice relaxing readings filled with important information that was amazingly accurate. Sherre has given me life changing readings. I send all my friends to her. Thank You Sherre you are the best.



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