6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards


Anne-Marie’s 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards

My name is Anne-Marie McCormack and I’m a psychic medium. I have worked with all kinds of tarot and oracle cards over the years and I was always searching for that perfect deck. One that would spark my intuition and still make clients feel at ease during a reading. It was important to me that the cards I use didn’t have any scary looking images. As a reader, I need to be able to discuss life at its best and at its worst in positive uplifting ways, so the best solution was to create my own deck. I am not an artist, so I spent a lot of time looking at thousands of images and selected the ones I felt sparked the intuition.  

6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards 

This has been a long and challenging process. Along the way, I have had to learn about design, copyright, choosing the right quality of card stock, printing and publishing. The 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are  now available.  It has been an expensive, but rewarding process! I am hoping you will help me offset some of the printing costs by pledging your support and order your own set. In return, I offer a series of specials with love and gratitude that are not available anywhere else. If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to ask. Sending you all love, light and angel blessings Anne-Marie  email:englishpsychic@gmail.com


Some of the oracle cards

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