Trish Smith Cassadaga Psychic Medium  does not use any tools to access psychic information about you or your situation. She sits with you quietly in a light trance and connects directly with the spirit world. She talks with her guides, your guides and lost loved ones. The information she receives from Spirit is often referred to as amazing and astoundingly accurate.

Trish is a natural born psychic medium and started seeing  spirits from a very early age. She’s been a practicing professional psychic medium since the 1970’s. She’s a Florida native and has lived in Cassadaga Florida for many years where she took professional training to become a SCSCMA certified medium and healer. She works out of her home on Stevens Street in Cassadaga and has a large following of regular clients. book below or call 386-490-6285

Trish is also a teacher and an effective public speaker. She is often seen at the local spiritualist churches giving talks and lectures about spiritualism. She volunteers her time to give, “Messages” at message services which brings comfort to many. Trish is available for phone/video readings and in person at her home in Cassadaga. 


If you or someone you know is feeling stuck and/or in need of spiritual guidance, Trish is a wonderful person to turn to. She is gifted, accurate and authentic… the real deal. Trish has a strong connection and delivers whatever she receives with the utmost sensitivity, gentleness and integrity. And she purposely keeps her fees affordable so that guidance can be available to whoever wants and/or needs it. I’ve turned to Trish for many readings over the years, as well as attended several of her spiritual classes (she is an excellent teacher!), and never hesitate to recommend her to others.

I just want to thank Trish for all the great readings and help she’s given me. It’s a blessing to be able to go to see her.  She’s always kind and compassionate. I drive two hours each way to see her and I’d do it every week if she’s let me. Her readings have helped me a lot.  Trish is the real deal and it’s my pleasure to recommend her.

Trish, just listened to your on-line reading. I got teary. Can’t wait to see you in person. Is there anything specific that I can prepare to ask of you for a good reading? I think that just being with you would be wonderful! Thank you.  

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